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what i like about this game is that it reminded me of one late night. we woke up in an office, there is someone else's office we have to go to. and a ghost woman is a enemy. it has nice puzzles. great enemy design, she looks very burnted. and a surprising ending. i won't spoil it to you, you have to play it for yourself.

Such a great game with a great atmosphere.

Fun little game! 

Nice game bro

i really enjoyed this game it was fun 


this game was really good loved it 

It had some really good jumpscares! 




the groot lookin dude freaked me out lmao

Played the game at 9:21.... didnt know it had spiders in, i realllllly dont like spiders lol 

You got a new subscriber.

thanks loads :D hope you enjoyed the video :D 

thanks loads :D hope you enjoyed the video :D 

bro same it freaked me out lmao

haha :D 

Awesome game!I enjoyed it a lot, please make more like this, I would gladly play it!


niceee lmao

Interesting game. Didn't quite understand the monster choice.

same dude looked like groot lmao

Hey hey - I happened to play this as part of an "X Scary Games" video - if you are interested in seeing it, it's the first game in the video.

A for the game itself, let me say some positives right out of the gate: I genuinely adore the setting and the basic idea. For all the horror games out there, it's surprising that there aren't many about spiders, and the thought of being alone in an empty office building with giant spiders coming for you is really damn fun. It's certainly unique, and the first glimpse of one scurrying by in the background is really effective.

However, the game as a whole is really rough around the edges. From a not very believable walk cycle to a bit of forced area locking through key cards whose placements don't make sense, it doesn't pack much of a punch. And for a game about Spiders, I am really confused about the inclusion of some weird goblin-esque creature as well, especially when there is no context for it. It would have been  really cool to see the Spider theme take over here, find webbed up coworkers, piles of eggs, etc. It just feels like a theme kind of got a bit wasted. 

The main issue is player death. There is no real clear death animation, so you just kinda suddenly get a "death" menu, and the respawn often put me in the exact spot where the monster still was, or about two steps away for it, resulting in me dying again immediately. This ends up meaning there is really no penalty for dying, or no way to feel as if you can actively avoid it.

All in all, it is a neat little experience that feels like it lacked a last round of polish and a bit more certainty on what exactly it was going for. All the same, I had fun with it, and I hope you enjoy seeing the playthrough - and of course, keep making games.

hey good video man keep working


It was a fun little time, but I got stuck at trying to pick up the access card.. Couldn't get it no matter how many times I mashed E..


SAMEEEEE it was on the other desk at the door


Markiplier played this.Only reason I am here. His complaints are the game is too bright and the spiders are too numerous. Anyway yeah. Just thought I'd Share.

them spiders swarm you T.T

Beat it! It was a fun little game, definitely a few jump scares. 

the first one had me lmao

the ambiance is , good it's so scary, but the monsters are too hard to dodge and too many, plus, they go on me directly (it's no point by point it's directly on me so it's pretty impossible to dodge theim).Don't judge my english i'm french

they take away so much health too lmao

I think it is hard to find a scary game that doesn't focus on evil and supernatural entities, so the monster jump scares is nice.... well.... kinda... you know what I am saying lol. 

My first playthrough, and yes, I am a chicken

lmao good video

Spiders are veryyyy interessant creatures 🕷 ! This is my ITALIAN full Playthrough 👽 


lmao i gave it a like great video

I appreciate it very much :) 

pretty cool got a solid base, looking forward to the potential


Is this a FNAF Fan Game?

nah not really

hi, big thx for the game :) greetings from germany

Pretty cool. some neat scares in it. Could use a little work but was fun. 

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I think this is a great *start* to a game and great to get feedback on. I talked about a few basic things that could be improved in its current state and some broader design concepts if you were to keep working on this as an intro to a larger game. Keep on creating, I think you're on the right track!

Thanks for taking the time to provide such a detailed review. There were a lot of things that didn't turn out how they were intended to be/work.

Control support is another thing I missed. The menu issue is related to the UI resolution itself resizing incorrectly (I assume you were on 1920 x 1080 or higher).

There is a new project but it's something that will take a few months. AI is quite hard to get right before anyone plays it and I want to figure out how to incorporate all of the feedback into the next game.

Great game good mix of scare


Thanks for playing.

honestly i shit my pants and its all over ;)

Glad you enjoyed it.

This game is scary and funny too. I really enjoyed it. Nice Work! 


Thank you for playing.

This has provided some really valuable feedback in terms of what did and did not work.  A few points I took from this:

- Pausing the game should show you the current objective. 
- The keycards didn't work as intended. The first keycard is there so when you trigger the third objective (search sarah's desk - she sits next to me) you know where to go. However, a lot of players seem frustrated that they can not pick up the cards when they see them. This was done to avoid forcing players to search the entire map for a certain keycard.
- The scripted scares seem to work really well.
- Too many enemies/enemy AI could be improved. This was hard in development as they have dynamic pathfinding so I tried to get a balance between "too many" and "not enough" enemies. However, it seemed to frustrate you and that is something not intended.

I really appreciate the time you took to play and comment.

Cant pick up the 2nd floor keycard up, no matter what i do, it just sits there on the table, nothing works.

The keycard on the 2nd floor start room? [2nd Floor Manager's Office Keycard]? or the keycard located where you start objective 2? [2nd Floor East Wing Keycard]

[2nd Floor Manager's Office Keycard]
You need to complete objective 1 first (find the main entrance and leave). You will then be prompted to "Find the 2nd Floor Manager's Office". In the same room as the main entrance/exit there is a keycard placed on the desk [2nd Floor East Wing Keycard]. This is used to unlock the section with the manager's office.

When you reach the managers office you will be prompted to find the keycard ("Search sarah's desk"). You will then be able to pickup the keycard you are referring to.

[2nd Floor East Wing Keycard]
You should be able to pick this up after completing objective 1 (Find the main entrance and leave).

I hope this helped. If not could you please tell me the name of the keycard you can't pickup? and if you followed the above steps.


Well that explains it then :) I will try again

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Yeah sorry for the confusion. But it's valuable feedback to know it's possible to miss what to do.

That particular keycard isn't required until Objective 3 gets triggered. But I didn't want to force the player to search the entire map for it. The idea was that you should initially see the keycard [2nd Floor Manager's Office Keycard] at the start of the game when your initial objective is "find the main entrance and leave". When you eventually trigger Objective 3 it says you need to find the 2nd Floor Manager's Keycard - there is an additional hint provided in the text that comes up.

"It's locked. Where did Adam leave the keycard? Did he give it to Sarah? I should search her desk. She sits next to me."

I was hoping that would be the "ahhhhhh" moment and the player knows exactly where to go. Unfortunately, someone else had this problem too. Although they eventually found the keycard - when initially told to search for it they didn't know where to look. 


Was a funny game to play, started of with a few nice jumpscares, enjoyed it! Well done buddy :) 

Thank you for the review. It was extremely helpful in figuring out what didn't quite work.

1) 2nd Floor East Wing Door Keycard

I noticed you missed it the first time. I was hoping that the desks would cause people to search and notice the card after triggering objective 2 (Find the 2nd Floor Manager's Office). I think it could have been in a more prominent place.

2) Objective 3 - Search Sarah's Desk for the 2nd Floor Manager's Keycard
When you first start the game you should see this keycard on the desk to the right. There is also a hint in the objective, "I should search Sarah's desk for the keycard. She sits next to me". Looking at your play through it didn't translate to the way I was hoping it would (you were confused and didn't know where Sarah's desk was) so that's something else that can be improved next time.

3) Door Locked > Sarah's Desk > Manager's Office > 3rd Floor
You commented how it was kind of pointless to go to the manager's door, just for it to be locked and ask you to get a keycard when you could have picked it up at the very beginning. This was partially done to slightly extend gameplay, and allow a more extended sequence interacting with the enemies... I 100% agree and will be something to improve on in the next game.

4) Main Exit (Final Objective)
I notice you were unsure where the main exit was located. The very first objective (Find the main doors and leave) was intended to introduce the player to the starting 50% of the map before adding enemies (hence the scripted moments). I think this is also something I could work on in the future.

Thanks for playing.

I'm glad my thoughts could help you out a bit buddy :). Also wanna thank you a ton for sharing this game, it might have a few things that could improve but which game doesn't! It's like my own videos, got tons of areas to improve on, we can only learn and be better each and everyday! 

Gotta say that I had really fun with your game and I can see that you got loads of potential to create awesome games, I'll keep my eye on you :) 

Stay awesome! 

Super Cool man but they kill you pretty fast and re-spawn at some point is useless because they block you. :) 4/5

Thank you for the feedback.

There is a cooldown trigger attached to each enemy that is supposed to force it to ignore you on respawn under certain conditions (died less than x seconds ago, etc) - Unfortunately, this doesn't always seem to work as intended.

Still learning some of the more complex things you can do with AI (and the bugs that come with it) so hopefully the next project will see a vast improvement for both AI and system mechanics.

Best of luck in future Projects :)) 

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Nice Game

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Thank you. I noticed on your playthrough the sound triggers do not match up with the scripted events. We did some pretty extensive QA for this and didn't have that issue.

Were you somehow able to change the default walk speed or enable running earlier than intended?

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No I couldn't walk faster than intended.Keep making games like that.